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Milestone Listed in Guangdong Stock Exchange Center in 2019


The annual Computex opened at the Taipei Convention Center in Taiwan China June. 6th, 2017Computex 2017 is a very world professional exhibition in the world's retail industry. Almost all internationally renowned manufacturers in the retail industry have attended the event. As a leader in commercial printing equipmentMilestone Technology surely will not miss this industry event.


During the exhibition, there were many visitors come to the Milestone booth. The huge and complete product line, excellent product performance, and novel design and innovation concepts make Milestone printers popular and highly praised.


The rapid changes of the times have brought not only changes in people's life, but also business enterprises in the tide of history. The retail industry, which is closely related to human life, is facing more challenges and opportunities. On the basis of traditional retail, with the help of modern science and technology such as big data and artificial intelligence, a new retail that combines online, offline and logistics has emerged. At a time when new retail is in full swing, Milestone Technology keeps pace with the development of the times, actively explores the industry development format, and focuses on the continuous innovation and upgrade of products to meet the market demand for the development of the retail industry. At this exhibition, in addition to exhibiting the Mobile Bluetooth printers, the multifunctional and high-priced receipt printers that have been popular in the past and the 2 ”and 3” portable printers with superior performance, meanwhile, Milestone introduced many more highly competitive products, such as 2 ”portable label printer MHT-P5801” portable label printer L5801, 2 ”mini design desktop label printer P58D, and other new models with novel design suitable for Supermarket, these models have Attracted the attention of many new and old customers.


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