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Quality Control

Milestone quality management system realizes quality data collection, analysis and management through visual quality report, which improves the company's cost saving, improves production efficiency and promotes quality improvement.


Improve product quality

To produce quality products, you need more than just real-time quality notifications and end-of-line inspections. A true understanding of the working characteristics of each system, the determination to implement and focus on quality in the production process is the key. Milestone's strict quality control mechanism will collect historical data and real-time quality data of the entire enterprise production cycle, fully exploit the value behind the data, and continuously promote quality improvement.


Enhanced reporting capability

Regularly monitor product and process quality, and responsibility to people to ensure smooth production. Milestone's standard automated quality management analysis tool not only saves a lot of time and cost, but also reduces the potential risks caused by human error in the data input process, and achieves quality fluctuations.


Increase production

For companies, the higher the product sales, the better. However, if the quality declines, you will find that the dissatisfied customers will straighten the product back. Milestone adopts strict quality control system to let quality consciousness penetrate into all aspects of production, and eliminate the problem from the source material procurement, so as to optimize product quality and make the production line and overall business flourish.


Increasing customer satisfaction

Customers need quality and reliable products. Milestone's efficient quality control can meet the increasingly demanding customer OEM/ODM needs. A process error, the entire production and customer loyalty will be frustrated. As a result, Milestone brings quality to the height of the corporate lifeline, ensuring rapid production, flexible response, and consistent response to customer needs.


Reduce product recall risk

Producing quality products requires quality intelligence, which includes a comprehensive grasp of supply chain, trend information, automated notifications, and flexible controls. Milestone quality management runs through all aspects of the production process, through strict control of products and processes, effectively reducing the risk of scrapping and recall, so that the quality of products can be safe.

Quality Management Flowchart



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